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The "Doctrine of Necessity" states that "The least amount of force reasonable is the greatest amount of force necessary"

A 'possible' association is not 'causation' - The rooster did not cause the sun to rise!

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Careers in Criminal Justice

Connecticut State Police Sandy Hook Shooting Report 

IACP 118th Annual Conference: 2011 Legal Materials

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Legal Research Page

Law Links

State of Connecticut Home Page

Connecticut Firearms laws

Connecticut Newspapers and Media

Connecticut Supreme Court and Appellate Court Opinions

US District Court - Connecticut

US Supreme Court

Connecticut Penal Code

Connecticut General Statutes 

Connecticut Constitution

Connecticut Legislative Research  

Connecticut State Police

Connecticut Model Pursuit Policy

HR-218 Sample Policy & Procedure

Officer Down   

U.S. Court of Appeals: 2nd Circuit

U.S. Congress  



IALEFI Firearms Association


Wound ballistics

FBI Uniform Crime Reports - Law Enforcement Officers Killed & Assaulted

FBI Handgun Wounding Effectiveness Study

Searches of Arrested Persons

New York State Court of Claims